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  1. Go to first new post NWS so many sluts
by UncleBob 2 days ago | 63 comments | 382 views
  2. Go to first new post It appears someone is hunting cops in Los Angeles. 1 police officer dead so far.
by Vatoloco 3 days ago | 139 comments | 464 views
  3. Go to first new post #MeToo: Russell Brand raped women and teens over a 7 year period during the height of his fame
by Vatoloco 4 days ago | 78 comments | 361 views
  4. Go to first new post Florida woman left 11 year old son alone with dead body in motel room after sex romp with 2 men.
by Graham 6 days ago | 49 comments | 215 views
  5. Go to first new post 9 hours until Pedolaras returns from his ban, but how many hours until he gets perma banned?
by Blingin 3 days ago | 121 comments | 426 views
  6. Go to first new post October 1: Student Loan Payments Resume
by RedWings 1 day ago | 48 comments | 88 views
  7. Go to first new post How many of you old dudes were around for the McCarthy hearings?
by Krazy 4 hours ago | 41 comments | 60 views
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