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  1. Go to first new post the Nashville school shooter was a female teen
by Football Season 3 days ago | 254 comments | 1286 views
  2. Go to first new post NHL to evaluate Pride nights in offseason after some players refuse to wear jerseys
by RedWings 1 day ago | 74 comments | 331 views
  3. Go to first new post People really think this incompetent fool will be effective as president
by Krazy 1 day ago | 48 comments | 232 views
  4. Go to first new post THE TRUMP INDICTED THREAD. Trolling = BAN.
by EdgyMcEdgington 17 hours ago | 44 comments | 247 views
  5. Go to first new post What the turdballs is this crap. TikTok bill
by Soos 2 days ago | 132 comments | 508 views
  6. Go to first new post PYP
by Libski 4 days ago | 47 comments | 268 views
  7. Go to first new post wamen
by UncleBob 4 days ago | 76 comments | 337 views
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