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      Resistance is futile

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      Originally posted by Member
      do they jizz
      Only if the penors are the real deal ... they jizz at the end. Vid is oldschool & I'm not sure their fake penor technologies were that sharp then, so this is a possible yes.

      can they get each other pregnant
      They don't have ballz, so prob not. Pretty sure science says they're infertile anyway.

      can they get them self pregnant
      See above.

      does it feel double better when theyre getting dicked and also dicking another chick?
      If you judge by the sound dubbing it's a yes. If you judge by the pumping & jizzing it's a yes. I don't see a lot of indicators that would imply this is a no, but if you think about it, they probably have no basis for comparison if they're legitimately sporting both sets of junk.

      How do they cum with no balls

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      Originally posted by Member
      How do they cum with no balls

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