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      Welcome to XERQ. Introductory FAQ and getting started guide.

      What is XERQ?
      XERQ is the fastest growing general discussion/no-topic forum. Discussions range from the most random thoughts to highly-focused niche topics.

      How do I join?
      You can register for free at:

      What do I do after I join?
      Introduce yourself!

      I'm a member from one of the old sites (OT/SA/etc). How do I get my post count/reg date?
      PM XERQ a screenshot of your stats. He'll get around to it when he can.

      Who runs XERQ?
      XERQ does. He also has some help from moderators - they have the green names. Some moderators have power in all forums while some only have power in some forums.

      What are the rules at XERQ?

      Advertising and Subscriptions

      Does XERQ have a mobile app?
      We now have XERQ apps for both iOS and Android available in their respective stores. Additionally, we support accessing both through Tapatalk and a mobile-optimized skin.

      What are these icons beside threads?
      You're probably talking about the Prefix icon. You can click it and see other threads of this type. You can also sort by clicking the icon at the top of the forum, or sort with multiple by using the advanced list at the bottom.

      What about those other icons?
      The small bubble with down arrows in it will take you to the first unread post you have in the thread

      Why am I receiving emails when people quote me?
      Check the bottom 4 boxes

      What is "POZ" and "NEG"?
      The reputation system. It has no actual effect on your ability to do anything on the forum, except spread further reputation if you go into the negatives.

      Why do some threads have phrases in brackets after the threadstarter's name?
      This means the thread is actually posted in one of our subforums. Most of our subforum threads also appear inside the main forum.

      Where is "My Posts"
      This is available under the Quick Links menu. My Posts is updated every 15 minutes.
      We generally recommend using the 'subscribed threads' functionality instead of my posts. If you go to under "Messaging & Notification", change Default Thread Subscription Mode: to "Through My Control Panel Only". You will now see all of the threads you've posted in at - and you will be able to use the bubble with the two down arrows to go back to where you left off in the thread.

      How do I embed videos?
      I recommend using the [video] tag. It works like other general purpose BBCode. Just put the full URL to the video inside. This works for Youtube, Vimeo, and more. You can also embed soundcloud songs, imgur albums, tweets, add spoilers that require clicking to see, and many other things! You can see the buttons for all of them inside the WYSIWYG post editor.

      What do all of the colors mean?
      Black is your standard user color
      Gold or Pink is your standard Gold subscriber color
      Green is your moderators
      Red is XERQ, or one of the Double Platinum members.
      Double Platinum members can pick any color they would like except for green.

      Member Subscription?
      Remove advertisements, opt-out of viglink, get access to live topic, increase your various limits, and more. You can find full details at

      I have an idea for a feature. What do I do?
      Post it in - Some things we can add through existing vBulletin addons, some our dev team can create themselves. Some things might be out of our reach due to the technical complexity, or other such issues.

      How do I mention someone in a post?
      Put and @ followed by their username

      How do I make ALT+S work in Chrome?
      ALT+S works in Standard and Basic editors, but not Enhanced. Tab+Space is just the opposite, works in Enhanced by not Standard and Basic. Change it here (4th option from the bottom):

      Why doesn't my ignore list completely ignore people?
      Please see

      How do I disable autoplay?
      Please see

      What's the difference between an Infraction and a Warning?
      Infractions generate points. Think of it as points on your license. When a certain number are reached, you get temporarily banned. Warnings simply tell you to not do it again, but do not result in points against your account.

      What's that XERQ button in the breadcrumbs?
      It takes you to the main forum, from wherever you are on the site. You're never more than one click away.
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